The Gridiron Warrior: 12 Week Training Program for On-Field Success

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Unleash Your Team's Full Potential on the Field: The Gridiron Warrior 12-Week Training Program Delivers Results!

  • Are you tired of your high school football team underperforming, no matter how hard you try to get them in shape?
  • Have you ever felt like giving up because you don't see any progress in your team's performance, no matter how much effort you put in?
  • How would it feel to have a team that consistently wins games and makes it to playoffs?
  • What would it mean for you to have a successful football team that brings your school community together and creates memories that last a lifetime?

Finally, a step-by-step process to on field football success.

  • Imagine overcoming the belief that you need to spend countless hours on the field to achieve your football performance goals. What if there was a proven way to unlock your team's on-field potential in just 12 weeks?
  • Imagine finally being able to perform at your peak on the football field without worrying about injuries or stamina issues. How would that change your game and your life off the field?
  • Imagine going against the conventional wisdom that more is better when it comes to training for football. What if you could train smarter, not harder, and still achieve the best results?

Introducing: The Gridiron Warrior

12 Week Training Program for On-Field Success

You’ll be able to use this system even if...

  • You believe that your team doesn't have enough natural talent or athleticism to compete
  • You're short on time and resources to create a custom training program for your team
  • You're not an experienced coach or don't have a background in sports science or strength training.
  • You have a small coaching staff and limited practice time

All without...

  • Spending countless hours on ineffective drills and exercises
  • Breaking the bank to purchase expensive equipment or training programs
  • Feeling overwhelmed or confused about how to implement the training program with your team

Who is this for?

  • This product is for high school football coaches who are tired of seeing their team struggle and want to take their players' performance to the next level.
  • It's for coaches who want to go beyond traditional training methods and give their players an edge that will help them dominate on the field.
  • It's for coaches who are passionate about the game and want to see their team succeed as much as they do.

If you're a coach who wants to see your team win more games, have more fun, and grow both as players and as people, then this product is for you.

What you'll be learning

  • What habits + outputs truly build DOMINANT football players
  • Weekly layouts to optimize summer training
  • Complete R.A.M.P. warmups that tie into the theme of day’s training
  • Accel/Decel/Max V/COD/Plyo rationale and prescriptions
  • Modern thoughts on Conditioning
  • Football Skill/Competition/Contact Prep Condition
  • Adjustments to a 4-day training week

Here’s what you’ll get

A 12 Week Program consisting of:

  • Over 100 videos of all drills and exercises covered within the program!
  • 3 Unique Speed Warmups
  • 3 Phases of On Field Speed Training
  • 3 Phases of On Field Conditioning
  • Set and Rep recommendations for all Field Work
  • Over 2.5 Hours of Video Explanations for each and every aspect of the 12 Week Program

What people are saying

"Coach Leech has created the most comprehensive developmental program for football players that I've seen. Whether you're a novice S&C coach, or have been doing it forever, there is at least something in here for every high school program. You can rest assured that players who consistently show up to summer workouts will be totally different athletes on the first day of practice." - Mike Serricchio, Head Football Coach at Ledyard High School (CT)

"Fantastic presentation brother! I absolutely love what you're doing at Rhode Island. I'm used to training the entire team on my own, so I've always run the grid. I've also done the create/close space, and contact prep drills being a football coach with a wrestling background. What you're doing is exactly what I was wanting to learn more about and it was worth every dollar. Thanks for putting this together and putting so much time into it. I can tell from listening to you that you're a great coach and the athletes enjoy being around you." - Ty Burt, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator at Pell City High School (AL)

"I can always learn and I know I will find a few gems . I already remixed a few drills from you in my head." - Nicholas Giblin, Athletic Performance Coordinator at Calvary Christian High School (FL)

"This guide is AWESOME man. Love these offseason drills, competition drills, etc... You'll make an impact on a ton of coaches!" Chris Haddad, DC and WR Coach at Bellingham High School (MA)

"It looks great! Adding it to our Summer program. Video Library - Great. Presentation - Looks great. Training program - Looks good!" - Nick Bandstra, Head Football Coach at Bradford HS (OH)

"Very detailed, which is great for non-experienced (in Strength and Conditioning) coaches." - Jordan Donofrio, Athletic Director at Manchester Memorial High School (NH)

Who am I

I'm Scott Leech, a College Strength Coach and a lifelong undersized overachiever. I’ve done Strength and Conditioning everywhere from the SEC, to the Ivy League, and everywhere in between. Born and raised in Rhode Island, I’m lucky enough now to guide the S&C program for the University of Rhode Island.

I Promise

If you are not satisfied with what you learned, or it didn't match my description of the product, I'll set up a call to go over anything further you were hoping to learn.

If, after going thru The Gridiron Warrior and the call with me, you're still not happy with your purchase, I will refund your money.

This makes this decision an easy one for you!

Start your journey towards championship glory!

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All Aspects of Offseason/Summer Field Training Covered!

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The Gridiron Warrior: 12 Week Training Program for On-Field Success

16 ratings
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